About Us

Elle Design srl

is part of the furniture’s panorama for over twenty years.

In 2006, the new business management

has changed the company into an established business reality always searching for quality.

Thanks to this constant attention to detail that, the first collection of upholstered furniture named TIMELESS was designed for trades Looking for a customized product.

The experience of our master craftsmen and the use of sophisticated industrial machines allow the factory to perform all the stages of production, from the management and the job scheduLing to the realization of the final product in real time.

ELLE DESIGN srl is a real research lab

where technicians and designers daily make new forms of upholstered creations devoting themselves to the study of comfort and making each model, a truly, unique and avant-garde item. The result will inevitably be a craft manufacturing product, such as it would have been created in the old shops but using innovative materials and techniques.

The presence of our brand in the italian and european market allows us to export the quality of our “Made in Italy”.

The collection offers all the ALTEREGO

models to meet the different needs of our customers.

The data confirm that the main motivation, that led those who have become some among the major partners to prefer us, is the excellent commercial communication service that us provides.

Transparency and competence

are essential for a steady and productive growth.